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合金電催化劑:  在 GASTEIGER 和其他人在 2004 年題為“用於 PEMFCS 的 PT PT 合金和非 PT 氧還原催化劑的活動基準和要求”的文章中,他們得出結論,實現 CAT 的途徑之一是()通過將催化劑與基底金屬合金化從而形成雙金屬表面來改變 PT 表面原子的本徵催化活性。

Thin Film Electrocatalysts EX7

Considering various structure of electrocatalysts, thin film is the most durable and highly catalytic structure.  All current known process technologies cannot produce uniform thin film coated on nanosized supports. Developing and producing such highly desired electrocatalysts poses great potential for clean energy production at affordable cost and with an extensive lifespan. 

Blue-O has discovered such uniform coated thin film on various supports. Blue-O also has obtained their much desired catalytic performance and durability.  It was the formation of this EX7 electrocatalysts that had exhibited over 40,000 hours of lifetime with sustained power output in one of Blue-O's ELSE membrane electrode. 

Utilizing such advanced thin film coated electrocatalysts in hydrogen fuel cell, it will dramatically reduce its PMG loading in hydrogen fuel cell, and also provide over million miles lifespan with sustained high clean energy output.   For PEM water electrolyzer, utilizing such advanced thin film electrocatalysts, it can dramatically reduce most expensive and rare precious metal Iridium loading over 80% by calculation.  This technology in commercial application is tremendous beneficial for all people who are fighting against the climate change and for pollution reduction. 

Please come and talk to us and learn more about this amazing technology.  Blue-O is looking for investment, funding, and strategic partner(s) to launch a pilot production line to produce these amazing thin-film coated nanomaterials.  

Blue-O also is looking for IP management partnership as SSEP can have a long term and lasting market value. Please book a meeting to discuss your interest with us. 


純基於 PT


Working on Train

藍歐團隊 很想听聽我們如何使用我們的專利工藝幫助您獲得新型電催化劑。

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