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Million Miles ZEPower Technology

Reviewing the automobile history, there has no million miles capable heavy duty trucks developed and sold, or run on the roads. Most of them were /are running on diesel that has produced tremendous amount of green house gases.  

Nor in any passenger vehicles  including sedan or SUVs, none of such transportation vehicles reached million miles mileage driving range. If it was purposefully designed or limited by those automobile developers and manufacturers, their greedy of money shall be condemned continuously and globally. 

Yet, during the past very difficult pandemic time, Blue-O Team has developed million miles capable zero emission power generation technology at an affordable cost.  Considering when you purchase such a ZEPower enabled automobile at a similar price, you can drive 300,000 miles in your lifetime, your son can do the same, and your grand son can finish the third round and all have zero emission footprint.

I can image that such a business is not in any current car manufacturers' plan as the profit margin can be negligible to their desire.  However, I foresee that this shall or must be a future to come that humans are not hurting or hurting others, but can truly enjoy a pollution free living society. 

For this transition, we decided to share this amazing zero emission technology with all who want to join this change. You can test, verify, and expand its application to meet your need. But forget not, you shall return a flat loyalty fee to us.  Depending on what type of business you are running, the loyalty rate will range between 0.833% to 5.83% of your gross sales.  Please contact us if you want to take this much needed clean energy technology to combat the climate change.  Remember, robbing an IP is a crime.  Stealing an IP is a crime too. 

Please enjoy the following disclosure if you truly seek a solution to combat our urgent climate change.

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